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Top 5 Norwich City v Manchester United Premier League Moments | Rooney, Jerome, Martial


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  1. Reply with your Norwich City v Manchester United score predictions 👇

  2. Head-to-head record since the Premier League began in 1993 (prior to yesterday's result): MUFC Played 14 Won 10 Drawn 1 Lost 3. MUFC's record in the five matches you've selected: Played 5 Won 1 Drawn 1 Lost 3!

  3. Where the fuck is Giggsy's late winner in his 900th appearance?

  4. So United don't have a great record against Norwich. Fantastic 🙃

  5. What about the late winner from Giggs at Carrow road? This video is so biased towards Norwich. Bullshit list.

  6. Same old ashley young 😂😂😂

  7. Rooney & drogba are good player in premier league that year,in my opinion.

  8. Please score Pukki my fpl points depends on it 😥😥

  9. Tettey at Old Trafford best moment of that season 💛💚

  10. ‘Man united vs Norwich moments’. Really scraping the bottom of the barrel there

  11. 1-2 barely cause Norwich have sick attack 😅

  12. ah yes Norwich vs United a classic rivalry of english football

  13. Kagawa was a clean finisher u know

  14. incoming Pukki masterclass…

  15. Even David de shit wouldn't dare save a shot from Tettey. Gotta say that goal does turn me on.

  16. After we almost beat league leaders I expect that we will lose against Norwich in another embarrassing preformace.

  17. where's the match when Ryan Giggs scored the winner in 2011/2012 season?

  18. Who do you think will win?

    Like: Man United

    Comment: Norwich 👇

  19. Man United did dirty to Wayne Rooney when he left, for that this club has lost all respect from me. Really hope Norwich will trash them

  20. Me: clicks video

    Also me: sees Wayne Rooney

    Also also me: clicks off video

  21. Norwich City can easily beat Utd🔥🔥🔥

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