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GOALS & HIGHLIGHTS | Arsenal 2 – 1 Blackpool


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  1. It's still kinda embarrassing that they let Blackpool score against them like there in league 1 and arsenal are in the premier league

  2. I am kinda surprised that Blackpool scored

  3. The commentator that’s harsh on the young lad it shouldn’t be a red that was worse than matteo’s one

  4. Pleguezuelo got strong debut

  5. Still unsure about what happened for Guendouzi's second card, but he'll be missed against Liverpool

  6. The tackle on aubameyang looked worse than it actually was. He was just a bit late. Not a red. Neither was guendouzi

  7. Torreira's english better than Harry Kane

  8. I loved the way they skipped the part when ref showed Matteo Red card.

  9. Tbf, say what you like about him, but I've seen players have a lot worse games than Jenko did. Might get a career back on track

  10. haha did Torreira just say ''so screw it''

  11. A game with such a slow tempo and lack of intensity still able to produced 2 red cards? Tells you a lot about the referee

  12. “sooskribey!”
    -torreira 2018

  13. "You can't punish a youngster with a red", he nearly broke Aubameyang's leg. Idiot

  14. I love the fact that Emile Smith Rowe react really quickly..
    The future is bright 👊🔴

  15. How could the commentator say the challenge on Aubameyang isn’t a red if somehow Guendouzi’s was a red ???

  16. Blackburn + Liverpool = BlackPool

  17. Guendouzi is the best in the pitch but red card is young and I learn is the future starrr

  18. The commentary is hilarious. That tackle on Auba was 100% red and even more, those are the leg breaking type that needs to be punished. As an arsenal fan, I saw those way too often.

  19. Guendouzi should have become an actor 😂😂 1:04

  20. Studs showing and an overly aggressive challenge on auba? Straight red every day. These challenges need to be dealt with harshly to stamp them out of the game.

    However still a terrible ref

  21. Arsenal the champions leaguecup

  22. the tackle on auba was disgusting

  23. The fact that we had to bring in Torreira against this team was embarrassing.

  24. Well done Blackpool – you got a player sent off with a dive then tried to break the legs of one of our star players! The new Stoke City?

  25. Good luck for next match boys. Let’s get that 3 points against Liverpool. COYG

  26. Please someone make Guendouzi into a meme 1:03 😂

  27. Fair play to jenko grabbing an assist

  28. First goal, first yellow card, first assist, first red card, first title on the way for Guendouzi.

  29. the reff is so strict but still a good game , win is something that we need in every match .

  30. Niether of those were red cards. Guendouzi’s shouldn’t have been a yellow for a little tug and that second red card was at most a yellow for stopping a counter attack.

  31. Nice win! Like if you're a Gooner through and through!

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  33. Guendouzi didn't have to make either of those tackles. Pleguezuelo and Jenkinson were both covering for both situations respectively. Matteo was excellent otherwise and will only learn and get better.

  34. Good result with a lot of changes to personnel. Nice to see some of the young talent at Arsenal playing in the EFL cup. Guendouzi looks like a very accomplished player capable of driving a performance. Great assist and vision for the lad.

    Would have liked to see Mustafi show his first team experience and dominate the game a bit more, especially against lower league opposition.

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