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GOAL FEST! | FULL Highlights of Arsenal v PSG 5-1


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  1. I thought this was a FIFA19 game

  2. Ozil is talented cmon gunners

  3. Am I the only one who misses Arsene Wenger as a manager

  4. please arsenal manager transfer go quality players

  5. arsenal won only pre season why premier league

  6. This is their best performance in the Unai Emery era and their only good one

  7. Aquí esta el comentario en español, oiga 5 goles le embutieron a bufón 🤦‍♂️🙄⚽️

  8. Beautiful games… i miss this moment

  9. why cant we just be like this today smh

  10. What emery did to ozil in 2019 ??

  11. Maybe we should play mustafi midfield winger

  12. GUendozi deserve sto start no questions,

  13. And there is no place of ozil yet granite xhaka can get into this team loll, wouldnt it be wise to at least play dany and gunedozi behind the front two if you leave out ozil?

  14. So we can beat psg but not stoke city

  15. I don't know why people are complaining about Arsenal. Sure they have not been winning any European gold since the Arsene Wenger era but Arsenal is a CONSISTENT teams and always finishes within the top 6 spots. This year they have a team that can get them at least a top 4 or even a top 3 finish. Keep your fingers crossed Gooners, this could be the most defining season for Arsenal under Unai Emery. Even Emery knows that if Arsenal blunders this season – he'll be looking for a new job…

  16. Sorry guys I was away for awhile is Ramsey still playing for us

  17. First season always Arsenal great time pls let’s stay solid always Go gunners……..

  18. Arsenal for life but it's very annoying at the finishing touches and in ending seasons of the league

  19. I watched this game live in singapore

  20. Was at this match, AWESOME FANS

  21. When neymar join a team….his team will follow the fake falling tackling….

  22. Who's here after the Chelsea Match?

  23. 1:12 there’s a guy with a Liverpool shirt on

  24. 9:25 They're so savage. Holding an Arsenal jersey while wearing a PSG jersey. LOL

  25. Ozil i saw u in the tunnel i was just behind u holding rabiot hand

  26. Now i miss Holding. Get well soon and be back.

  27. 6 months later we be losing to farmers😭

  28. of courselah gunners win cause no mbappe neymar cavani if these 3 re there the score will be other way around

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