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Arsenal Women 8-0 Slavia Prague | Champions League highlights


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  1. they play better than the men

  2. Aku bisa bangun pagi… BIP Band

  3. Been watching the Arsenal women’s team matches and Van de Donk work rate is insane ♥️👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  4. This team unlike the men's team is a great one coz they don't have Mr good ebening

  5. The ladies are doing better than the men wow unbelievable 😾

  6. Farrrrr better than men's player

  7. Please can we switch managers

  8. Even the ladies play better than the men

  9. I think unai must use some player next game against South Hampton hehehe because those man in defence are useless

  10. Yes, yes de dutchies are the best🤟🏻💗

  11. Please transfer head coach of Arsenal woman to replace Unai

  12. why do we have to hear you lot whine we should be enjoying our wins. bring that somewhere else until you are a true fan of this team

  13. Oh yea 90mins for a real crap performance by the men against wolves online ONLY 3MINS FOR A REAL PROUD PERFORMANCE HERE BY THE GIRLS 👎

  14. Danielle number 7 for club 10 for country Pires and Bergkamp all wrapped up in one cute beautiful body💖😘

  15. Meanwhile the men's team 👿👿👿

  16. Bring Miedema to the men team , look at that pass… 2:14 , the goals are nice too.

  17. Double hatrick in champions league. Men's team could never.

  18. Arsenal women team have more ball than Arsenal man team

  19. Atleast the women's team is performing, well done!

  20. Double Hatrick from our double Dutch

  21. Beating someone 13-2 on aggregate is just crazy

  22. We need them against Leicester

  23. I would rather watch this than the men's team imo . Hope Women's football catches on, just as entertaining as Men's football.

  24. Let them play 15 year old boys and we will see the reality of how good they are.

  25. Wow, the Arsenal women’s team are in the (Women’s) Champions League and win games 8-0.

    Then there is the men’s team.

  26. This women team is every strong than men

  27. Different class between arsenal lady in UCL and Arsenal man for UEL 😆

  28. Arsenal womens can even keep a clean sheet than Arsenal men's🤦

  29. Lets change the manager! Mens to Women manager, how about that?

  30. Unai…please change men team's short/pant so it shorter than now. Just like women team. It could help them move much better.

  31. They should get the Emirates instead lol

  32. Хоть женская команда нас не огорчает 👍

  33. I’d rather they play Leicester

  34. Stop complaining about the mens team here, just appreciate the womens team cause they are amazing and deserve appreciation without being compared to the mens ❤❤

  35. It's a breath of fresh air watch this.

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